How Search Engines Work

The primary goal of all search engines is to provide their users with the most relevant results possible based on the user's query. Each search engine utilizes a computer algorithm to match the search terms that are included in the query with content that they have in their index. The search engines want to provide the best results so that users will come back to use their engine. The more users they have the more revenue they can generate through pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Crawling & Indexing

Search engines have robots or crawlers that continually scan the Internet for content to add to their index. This content can be in the form of Web pages, images, videos, documents, and other items. The search engines want to have as much content as possible in their indexes so that they will have more content to rank from. If they have more content, then they are much more likely to meet the expectations of their users.


Every search engine has its own unique way of determining rankings. The factors that they consider are undoubtedly similar, but the end results may vary from engine to engine based on how much importance they place on each factor. Google, for example, seems to value the relevancy of a site's inbound links much more than the other search engines. Yahoo! and Bing are more likely to value the quantity of a site's links (assuming the links have some relevance and are not clearly purchased).

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing a site's relevancy for certain keywords in the eyes of the search engines. This increase in relevancy should improve a site's organic search engine rankings for that term. The only time it won't is when the increase in relevancy was not enough to overtake the site ranking just above yours. The SEO process typically involves tweaking various on-page and off-page SEO factors that are known to influence search engine rankings.

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