How important is PageRank?

Posted by Fernando Chavez on December 30th, 2009

PageRank clearly affects Google rankings, but it is not as important as some people would lead you to believe. You do not need to have a certain amount of PR to rank for any particular keyword, and it’s definitely possible to outrank another site that has higher PR than you. However, don’t delude yourself into thinking that PageRank has no significance, which some other people will claim as well.

As we discuss in the basics section of our site, PageRank is a measure of a page’s relative importance on the Web based on the pages it links to and the pages linking to it. You need to be at least somewhat important to have a chance of ranking in Google. However, remember that PR is just one factor in Google’s measure of link relevance. If a 3rd party page is linking to your landing page, then the keyword relevance of that page is more important than its PR. Otherwise, paying for links from high PR pages would still be relatively effective.

You need to have some PageRank to rank well—that much can’t be disputed. Exactly how it helps is what the debate is. Essentially, the more PR you have the more benefit you will get from your internal search engine optimization strategies. You need to build a strong inbound link profile for that reason. However, you can always overcome PR deficiencies for a certain keyword by obtaining external links from highly relevant pages.

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