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Many people who decide that they want to learn how to do SEO themselves will often become overwhelmed if they try to read every SEO site that is out there. Wanting to learn everything about Google optimization and reading as much information as you can is definitely a good thing. However, the problem with trying to read everything is that you have no idea what is and what isn't important. You also don't know if the writers of the content you are reading actually know what they are talking about. We have created this search engine optimization how-to guide for the do-it yourself SEO who wants to know what he or she should spend time doing to optimize for Google and the other search engines.

Rather than trying to help you understand every potential issue you might encounter while doing search engine optization and SEO for Google, we want to explain core issues that are important for every site. We also want to prevent you from going out on a tangent based on a random SEO article that you come across. You do not want to spend any time on issues that are unlikely to improve your Google ranking or are not applicable to your website.

All of the articles that we have written to cover the basics of SEO are listed on the right hand side of this page. The website search engine optimization tips and articles in this SEO guide are applicable for any website and you should try to understand them thoroughly. Again, we are not claiming that this section is all encompassing. However, having a solid understanding of these basic SEO concepts is a necessary step before you can effectively contemplate more advanced issues. Another benefit of having this SEO foundation in place is that it will help you filter out information that may be interesting but not necessarily helpful for your particular site.

The SEO techniques and strategies discussed in this how-to guide will also be useful for a site owner who is planning on hiring a search engine optimization company to work on his or her site. You will be able to ask more specific questions during the selection process. You will also be more likely to pick up on whether or not the SEO companies you speak to truly know what they are talking about.

If you have any feedback on this section or would like to ask a question about one of the topics discussed, please contact us with your thoughts. You can also request a free quote if you'd prefer to speak with us about your site and what we can provide you in terms of SEO and Google search optimization services.

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