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Cipher Online Marketing offers a range of services for all of your digital marketing needs. We specialize in SEO analysis and guidance, as well as SEM (PPC) campaign set-up and management services, Social Media consulting and management, Web Design and Development services, Ad Creative and Banner Design services, guidance with Shopping Portals, and Consulting for your overall marketing strategy.

We are currently in the process of developing full descriptions of our packaged services and pricing, they will be added below as they are completed. In the meantime please let us know what your needs are and we'll work with you to create a servicing agreement that fits your marketing goals and budget.


Site Audits

This product offering is most beneficial for large, dynamically-driven sites that have internal Web development teams. We will review every section of a Web site and provide detailed recommendations on how to address the issues we uncover during our discovery phase. Like most SEO companies, we will cover typical issues such as landing page SEO (Title/Meta tag structures, Heading tags, etc.) and internal linking. In addition to covering the basics, we'll also dive into things like hosting environment, web server optimization and off site elements that all play a role in search engine rankings. This gives you a unique 360* look at your site's SEO landscape. To take things one step further we not only try to diagnose any problems that are unique to your site but we find innovative and unique ways resolve the issues so you can maximize the value of every page on your site.

A Site Audit might also be a good fit for smaller companies that do not have an interest or budget for a long term search engine optimization project but who are in need of a SEO gameplan. We can put together a document that can function like a blueprint. This will give you a SEO plan to follow without the worry of being locked into an ongoing engagement. If this describes your situation, we have found you'll benefit most to have a reliable webmaster at your disposal, that we can help guide in the right direction. Without having someone on your team that can implement the suggestions laid out in the Site Audit, you run the risk of paying for a valuable tool that will never do anything for you but collect dust.

Average Cost: $3,000 (includes document, and up to 5 hours of follow-up consulting time)
Time Frame: 6 weeks (document delivery will be at end of week two)

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Competitive Analysis

A Competitive Analysis is a document written specifically for your site and industry, to give a better understanding of sites that are currently ranking well in a specified keyword space. We will identify 5 sites that we find to be solidly ranked and review them, breaking them down and comparing your site against them from an SEO perspective. The goal of this product is not to identify what other sites are 'getting away with', but instead is a tool to help you identify the landscape your site is in and what gaps there may be in your current organic marketing strategy.

Even with a solid SEO program, other sites may be outranking you for very specific issues of relevance. While a Site Audit is designed to give you an overall review of your site and where improvements can be made to general SEO elements, a Competitive Analysis is designed to identify how you stack up against the competition in your keyword space and outline specific recommendations to improve rankings for very targeted terms.

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Document Combination Service

Some companies may find it advantageous to have both document services done for their site. Sites that currently have no structured SEO program and are in a very competitive market will get the most out this service, as we will outline in a single document recommendations to build your SEO campaign and where to put your focus in relation to the sites you're up against in your market.

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SEO Consulting Services

SEO Cipher does offer blocks of time for SEO consulting, but we typically only provide this service following one of our document packages. Our philosophy when it comes to SEO is that is that the best offering is to show companies the path and teach them how to follow it. To that end, we prefer to avoid long-term engagements and instead structure very specific goals for consulting time to address. If you are interested in speaking with us regarding a block of consulting time, they are available in 10-hour blocks which is inclusive of both research time needed as well as actual consulting time on the phone. Together we will identify what your specific question or need is and develop recommendations or strategies to reach the specified goal.

If you are in the design stages for a new website that has not yet launched, this service is available to help in the *early* design phase to work with your developer to build in good SEO practices from inception. (Note: This is separate from a Competitive Analysis document, which may also be appropriate in this situation)

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